Another Quake!

Last night I was in bed doing a Sudoku puzzle and Ronnie was on the floor doing exercises for his back. We heard a plane fly by (and it was probably a big plane because it was pretty loud). I noticed that the windows rattled a bit so I thought to myself that the plane must have been low. Just a second later I felt that dizziness again and I sat up in bed and said, "the building is moving!" Ronnie sat up from the floor and felt it too...another earthquake. We quickly made our way to the front doorway and stood there while the building kept moving. It was still pretty mild, but it lasted longer than the one earlier this month. I didn't like it at all and was trying my best not to completely freak out. I think in total, the swaying lasted about 25 seconds. Once it stopped, I wanted to get outside. We walked down the 9 flights of stairs and sat out front for a short bit. Once we felt more comfortable we headed back up to the apartment. I was still a little nervous about taking the elevator for fear of getting trapped if another one hit, so we walked up. That was pretty much it for the night, but neither of us slept well. Throughout the night, every little sound and movement woke me up. I think every time Ronnie shifted in his sleep, I thought the building was coming down!

This morning I woke up to check the news to see if this earthquake registered. (My dad sent me this website for the U.S. Geological Survey after the last one. They track earthquakes around the world, but the one we felt earlier this month never showed up.) I checked this morning and sure enough, there was one listed. It was a 6.7 magnitude on the border of Peru and Ecuador. The epicenter was about 150 miles SSE of us. Here's the site: Earthquakes and here's an article about it: Powerful Quake on Peru/Ecuador Border

I'm really starting to not like these...and I don't like how frequently they've occurred since I've been here! Anyway, I suggest you all come visit soon while we still have this beautiful view. We may move to a one story house if we get one bad enough to scare us! :)


Sof said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the quakes. I'm sure you were scared, but thank God Ronnie was with you. I hope you have a nice weekend, quake free! Stay safe xoxo

Dad said...

I'm sure these are fairly rare, although the one in Chile seemed pretty big.

There's probably another web site that will give you the history of quakes in Ecuador.

Stay safe and sound. Love, Dad

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