Happy Birthday Marines!

Last night, Ronnie and I attended the Marine Corps Ball celebrating the 232nd birthday of the Marine Corps. The Ball took place at Parque Itchimbia. The building was mainly a glass structure with panoramic views of the entire city. It was a beautiful, clear night so the views were spectacular. Enjoy the pictures:Ronnie with his Marine buddies: Hector, Andy and Daniel.

This is Bridget and Santiago. Santiago works at the Embassy and before Quito, they were living in Miami. They attended our wedding, so you may recognize them.

Ron and his coworker, Dave.

This is Sara, Bridget, Rachel and I. Sara and Rachel's husband work at the Embassy. Rachel and I get together often for lunch, to get our nails done or go shopping. We're both the newest arrivals; she and her husband arrived a week before I did. She will be leaving in a few weeks to go home to Oklahoma where she will stay until their baby is born.

Ron's friend Jack.

Ron dancing with Liz. (Liz is the one who invited us to Hakuna Matata.)
Ron and his friend Paul. Paul is married to Sara (see above.)
We forgot to get a picture earlier in the night, but this is what my hair looked like from the back. A cut, blow dry and style only cost me $17!


Anonymous said...

You both looked beautiful, I loved your hair, High nobbing looks good on you.
Love you both Grandma xoxoxoxoxox

Sof said...

Looks like you guys had a great time & you both looked fantastic. Love your dress & your hair, talk about cheap labor! :o)
Love you mucho xoxo

Mom said...

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you guys had fun. Your hair looked great.

Hugs and Kisses to you both! xoxoxo

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