O' Christmas Tree

Last weekend, Ronnie and I went with our friends Sara and Paul to find a Christmas tree. Originally, we heard that you could get a real tree at Parque Carolina. We went to Carolina to check out the selection, but we just weren't happy with what they had so we had pretty much decided to get an artificial tree. Paul mentioned that his gardener would be taking him to a tree farm to get a tree , so we decided to check this out before we bought the artificial tree. They were the same kind of trees at Carolina, but more selection and MUCH cheaper! We pulled up to a little farm, selected the tree we wanted and the owner began chopping away...

This was the one for us. They were all a little "shaggy", but we figured they'd clean up well. Not bad for only $15!
Ronnie helping cut the roots off.
Loading it into the car.
Once we got the tree home, Ronnie hosed it off outside, then we let it dry overnight. It was really dusty and had quite a few bugs living in it. The next day we had to go buy a tree stand. The stands here are a little different than what we had in the States. They're made of metal (or wood) and don't have a place to hold water. We ended up sticking a plastic bowl underneath ours. This was our first attempt at setting in in place. :)
Once we got it straightened, Ronnie starting trimming it. Unfortunately, he didn't have his hedge trimmers sent to Ecuador so we had to use office scissors. They worked, though!
The finished product. We'll have to get some more ornaments since we didn't have enough for such a big tree.
Once I got my shipment, we realized I had a small artificial tree. I decided to decorate it with all my purple and gold ornaments and put it in the back room.We really wanted to buy a nativity set this year and in Parque Carolina, there are lots of Christmas stands selling everything from ornaments, decorations, wrapping paper and a wide variety of "nacimientos" (nativity sets). We looked for a few days before deciding on this one, which we love. It sits on the table in our entry way.
We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


sof said...

Glad to hear that you finally got the shipment. I'm sure you'll post more pictures of the apt. once you have all the decor in place. I love your tree! It looks awesome & the lights look so bright. I'm so happy you guys can have a American Christmas in your new home. We wish you many wonderful memories for your first "married" Christmas together! Love you mucho, xoxo :o)

Mom said...

What a Beautiful Tree. The Nativity is Nice too.

Hugs & Kisses to You Both. xoxoxo

Dad said...

Your trees look great, and I'm glad all your things made it there ok. Enjoy finishing the decorating - now all you need is some snow on Christmas day!

Take care & keep the pics coming.


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