Married Christmas!

It's been quite a while since I've updated...sorry! As most of you know, I have a new job. I am working at the Embassy as the Move Coordinator. They are building a new embassy and I am working with all the agencies to prepare for the move. It's keeping me quite busy as there is LOTS to be done before the actual move. It's nice to be busy and Ronnie and I get to have lunch together almost every day.

This is a bit out of order, but we didn't get the picture from our friend until recently. Our Thanksgiving:
We went to Ronnie's co-worker's place and his wife made an AMAZING dinner!

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was a nice day spent at home for just the two of us. We had lots of invitations to spend the day with friends, but we decided since we couldn't be with family, we would spend our first Christmas as husband and wife alone. We pretty much stayed in our PJs for most of the day, cooked a great meal and watched football. We opened gifts then went straight to the kitchen to start preparing our lunch. The mashed potatoes you see were mixed with my brand new Kitchenaid Stand mixer. It was lovely!

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