Are You Ready for Some Football??

Yesterday, the Marines had a Super Bowl Party at their house. They had lots of food, drinks and 2 LARGE televisions. There was a good turnout of people...mostly Giants fans, but there were some hopeful Pats fans, too. Ronnie and I were with the majority cheering for the Giants. Mostly because we wanted the '72 Dolphins to remanin the only "perfect" team. Also, the Pats cockiness was just annoying and knowing that Tom Brady is a bad loser (his own words) we wanted to see him lose his first Super Bowl. :)

Before the game Ronnie and I spent some time in the kitchen making some goodies to bring to the game.
Once all the sweets were ready, we headed over to the Marine house. We watched the first 3 quarters there then came home for the last quarter. For most of the game it looked like either team could win it, but luckily the Gians pulled out the win! It was a very exciting finish to a somewhat boring game.

There were only 2 bad things about watching the game here in Ecuador...1) All of the commentary was in Spanish! 2) We didn't get any of the great commercials! Luckily all of the commercials are available online so we'll get to see them one way or another.


Mom said...

Yeah NY!!!
Your desserts look yummy!
I LOVE YOU! xoxoxo

Dad said...

It was anything but boring! Awesome win and a perfect ending to the football year. Dolphins with one win, Pats with one loss. Had to be fate.

Love you and miss you,


Anonymous said...

Love the cupcakes and cookies you made, Good job. I thought the game was pretty good, Glad NY won only because we're from there.
Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Shawn said...

Suddenly I'm in the mood for a cupcake.

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