Biking Around Quito

Not far from our house, there is gorge that runs between two neighborhoods. There is a dirt road that runs along one side of this gorge and Ronnie has always wanted to find the access point so we could get down there. Last Saturday we found it while on a walk. Later that afternoon Ronnie took his bicycle out to see where the road would take him...I opted to stay home. About an hour later he came back and one of the first things he said was "Be glad you didn't go, I don't think you would have liked it." Apparently, it was a very rocky dirt path and at some spots gets VERY narrow...Ronnie even admitted that it was pretty creepy to be so close to the edge and see how far the drop was.

The next day, we decided to go on another bike ride. Ronnie suggested we go to the gorge so he could show me the waterfalls he found. Even after the previous day's warning of "be glad you didn't go", I agreed to check it out. We brought the camera with us so we could share some pictures:

From our side of the gorge, this is one of the waterfalls and the dirt road we were heading to.Another shot of the road.
There's a bridge that connects the two neighborhoods, which we often travel. Many times while driving on the bridge, we've seen groups of people with bungees. We assumed they were jumping, which we thought was insane. After seeing it from under the bridge, it seemed more like they just swinging from the ropes. (I still think they're crazy.)
One of the first waterfalls (obviously, man made) we came across.
We took a break for a photo op.
Ronnie strategically parked his bike so you could see how close to the edge we could get. Don't worry, we wouldn't actually ride our bikes that close.This was the narrowest part of the road. I didn't even want to pass over the area, but once Ronnie walked across, I quickly followed. The day before, Ronnie walked his bike over and kept riding down the road. However, I left my bike and didn't want to go any further!What's below.We wanted a picture with the waterfall behind us, but the only way to do it was to lay on the ground.
Although it was a little unnerving to be so close to a cliff, we were defintiely safe and cautious and I'm glad I did it.


Shawn said...

Love the pictures. One thing I don't understand, though. If you're going to risk life and limb to get a picture of you and your surroundings, why would you let Ronnie ruin it by wearing a Hurricanes hat in the shot? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Mom said...

OMG! Be careful!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Dad said...

I agree with both Shawn and Mom's comments.

Let's not try narrow paths on the edge of active volcanos as your next stunt!!

Sof said...

Living on the edge!!!!!!!!! :o)
Have fun & be safe.

Anonymous said...

OMG I got sick just looking down the cliff, It must be nice to be young and CRAZY.

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