Love is in the Air!

Just wanted to share the beautiful flowers I received from Ronnie on Valentine's Day. After lunch, I returned to my office to find these:I got home before Ronnie that evening and as I was preparing a yummy dinner for him, he walked in the door with this beautiful bouquet.
After dinner we went to a friend's house for a Game Night. Because we both worked late, I didn't have time to make the special dessert I had planned. So, on Saturday I made them for the BBQ we had for Ronnie's supervisor and co-worker. They are crushed oreo cookies, mixed with cream cheese then rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. Ronnie LOVES them!
Next time I think I'm going to try peanut butter in the middle!

Saturday morning Ronnie woke up before I did and as a belated Valentine's surprise, he brought me breakfast in bed. :)

We hope everyne had a wonderful Valentine's Day! xo


Mom said...


Dad said...

Love is grand, you know!!


Anonymous said...

YUMMY, I love oreos! I must try to make those one day. You are becoming a talented chef! I'm so glad you guys had a great Valentine's Day!!!!!!!! Sof xoxo

Nick said...

Boy, Ron never gave me flowers or made me breakfast in bed! Man, where is the love? hehe. Hope you guys are doing well, we miss ya!

Nick (Trish and Brandon, too!)

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