I'll Show Him...

About a week into Ronnie's TDY trip to Paraguay, he told me that some one's wife had baked an apple pie and sent it into the office. He told the guy, "You're so lucky, I'll never get homemade apple pie because my wife doesn't like baked fruit." Well, in my defense, he never asked me to bake an apple pie. Just because I won't eat it, doesn't mean I wouldn't make it for him. So, I was on a mission to make an apple pie before he got home. I searched for recipes and finally decided on the ones I would use (there was one for the crust, one for the filling and one for the topping). I made the pie and brought it into work for friends to try. Being that I don't like apple pie, I couldn't be a taste tester. Everyone who tried it really liked it. I was pleased. In addition to the cookies I made, I also prepared the crust for the apple pie I would make for Ronnie.On Thursday evening, I told Ronnie I had a surprise for him, but I needed his help. I got out all of the ingredients, started peeling the apples then called Ronnie into the kitchen to ask for his help.I gave him the bowl of apples and read off all the ingredients he needed to mix in. I think he then realized what we were making. He made the filling while I started to roll out the dough for the crust.Instead of a crust topping, the recipe I used was a struessel topping.I popped it in the oven and out came this beauty:I was so proud. Ronnie really liked it, too!


Anonymous said...

Watch out Martha...here come's Michelle!!


Dad said...

Gee, ya have to get married to start cooking???? I can see we should have prompted you sooner!

Can't wait to see you both soon!!

Mom said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I've been married for 35 years and have never baked a home made apple pie.

You're making me look bad. :-)

Can't wait to see you! oxoxoxoxoxo

Ronnie T said...

If I knew she'd start cooking & baking this much after getting married, I would have proposed years ago!! ;)

Sof said...

Yay! You did it! I know how hard you worked on finding the perfect recipe. Happy to hear that Ronnie liked it & you should be proud!

:o) xoxo

Grandma said...

Look what Ronnie missed all those years, You are becoming so domestic, good job.
Love you xxxoooooooooxxxx

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