A Weekend at The Black Sheep Inn - Part I

Because this will be a very long post, and to keep me from sitting at the computer for several hours, I'm going to break this up into two posts. I give you Part I...

Two weeks ago, Ronnie and I went on a road trip with our friends Brent and Rachel and their son Grant. Brent heard about this place called
The Black Sheep Inn in Chugchilán, Ecuador. It's an ecologically friendly hotel with lots of hiking and activities. The website says it was 115 miles and 4+ hours...it took us MUCH longer! We left Saturday morning at 8:15 a.m. On the first part of the trip, the roads were decent and there was some nice scenery.On our way the the Inn, we had plans to stop a Lake Quilotoa. When we arrived at the lake, it was rainy and foggy and the view of the lake wasn't so great. We decided to go back to the car to eat some lunch then check it out again. We're happy we waited because the view got a lot nicer!After we spent some time taking pictures, we headed back out on the road to get to our destination. Because it had rained quite a bit, the road conditions were not as nice as we would have liked them to be. Luckily, we were in Brent and Rachel's car! (They have the same car as us, but with 4x4.) We were driving on muddy roads along the side of a mountain. At some points you could see that some of the road had collapsed and every now and then our car would slide a bit because of the mud. SCARY! At one point, as we approached a very narrow and very muddy piece of road, Rachel and I decided we didn't want to go across in the car...not with the way the car had slid a few minutes ago. So we had the guys stop the car, Rachel grabbed the baby's car seat and the three of us walked through the mud until we were on "solid" ground again. We hopped back in the car and off we went. (Later that night I asked Ronnie if he was ever freaked out by the road conditions earlier in the day and he replied, "I don't blame you guys for getting out and walking when you did.") So, what should have been a 45 min. to an hour drive from the lake to the inn took us about 2 hours because of the crappy roads. The only thing that helped was knowing we would be taking a different route on the way home!

Once we got to the Inn, we unloaded the car and headed to our rooms. The place is on beautiful grounds with different buildings spread out throughout the hilly property. Of course, our rooms were in the building at the very top...it was a bit of a hike, but that's what we were there for, right? Our room was very cute and quite big. It could have slept 6 people. There were 2 double beds, one with a twin bed above as a bunk, then a loft above them all with another double bed. The room also it a nice little fireplace with all the wood you needed. There was also a lot of evidence that they really were an ecologically friendly place. There were 3 baskets for recycling (paper, plastic and metal), the lamps were made from recycled liquor bottles and the shower walls were also made from old bottles.The most interesting part was the compost toilet. As you can see, there was a regular toilet seat, but not a regular toilet. When you lift the seat, it's much like a porta potty where everything just sits at the bottom. When you're done doing your business there's a box of "dry stuff" (wood chips), you take a scoop and dump it in. As gross as it may sound, it really wasn't that bad and to our surprise, it didn't smell at all. After we got settled into our rooms, we went down to the Yoga Studio for a performance by some local children. It was very cute and during their final performance they got Rachel, Brent, and Ron to dance.After the performance, the girls asked Brent if they could hold Grant. Much to Rachel's surprise, he handed the baby over to them. It did make for some very cute pictures!On that note, I'm going to leave the rest for part II.

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Nick and Trish said...

Hi guys, sounds like you had a really great time. It was so interesting that Trish and I are going to Home Depot today to build our own compost toilet. Miss you guys! Nick, Trish and Brandon

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