Babies = Gifts!

Since we've announced our pregnancy, we've been surprised by random gift packages in the mail from friends and family. I have received lots of books, magazine and some great maternity shirts that I love, but the baby stuff is the cutest.

First, when we found out we were pregnant, Ronnie bought me another charm for my Pandora bracelet. (Liane bought me the bracelet and my first charm as a gift for being her Maid of Honor, then got me a second charm for my wedding.) This is the lovely charm I received:

The first gift I received for the baby was from Liane. This adorable Classic Pooh blanket and rattle:

A few months ago, I was shopping online for a new FSU polo. Although we were only a few shorts weeks into our pregnancy, I couldn't resist buying these along with the shirt:

Of course, I originally only had the FSU pacifier in my "basket", but I knew if it arrived solo, Ronnie would hate me. So I gave in and ordered the UM one, as well.

Last week, the secretary in my boss's office handed me a little bag and inside was this cute onesie:She didn't even know my favorite color was purple!

Last week we also got a package in the mail from Haydee and Christos. Inside was all kinds of cuteness...diapers, a book and these adorable onesies and bibs:

I have a feeling Christos picked these. :)

Thank you to everyone for all of the gifts and love! We greatly appreicate everything and know our daughter (yes, it's a girl for those that I haven't talked to in a while) will love it all, too!


By popular demand...

...I present to you, the belly. Everyone has been asking for a picture of the belly! We've been trying to take them weekly, but I just haven't liked them enough to really share. Within the last week or so my stomach has seemed to have popped out, so this morning before work I had Ronnie take a picture so we could post it for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Our First Anniversary

Ok, another long gap since my last post. Sorry...work has been insane! There's lots I want to post, but for now, just want to focus on today...our one year anniversary. :)

Unfortunately, Ronnie and I have both been swamped with work. We've worked 8 straight days with an average of 11 hours each day. Today was another long day and we were too exhausted to celebrate so we're postponing the celebration until the weekend.

We got home, I played our wedding song and poured us each a glass of sparkling Sprite. :)

I can't believe it's already been a year. So much has happened! Living in a new country, getting a new job, making new friends, and now a baby on the way! It's all been so wonderful and exciting.
I feel extremely blessed to have married my best friend. A lot of people say the first year is the hardest, but for me that wasn't my experience. Our first year of marriage was filled with new adventures, travels, laughs, crazy moments, quiet nights and so many more incredible times. I am happier than ever and have my husband to thank for it all. Happy anniversary, Bubba. I love you! xoxo

The day after our anniversary when things were a little less hectic. I came home to find this beautiful bouquet:

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