By popular demand...

...I present to you, the belly. Everyone has been asking for a picture of the belly! We've been trying to take them weekly, but I just haven't liked them enough to really share. Within the last week or so my stomach has seemed to have popped out, so this morning before work I had Ronnie take a picture so we could post it for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Sof said...

I'm tearing up because you look so pretty! Your pot belly is so cute, I can't wait to take prego pics of you. xoxo :o)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful...belly is so cute! I'm so happy for the both of you! Congrats on your 1st year as husband and wife and the baby. Can't wait to see you guys!! Julie

Dad said...

OMG!! How adorable. You look great!

Miss you.

Mom said...

Awww! You look great. Now we really can call you "Shelly Belly"

Can't wait to see you in person!

I Love You! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!!! I love the belly, you look great. Love ya lots, Janeysa :)

Grandma said...

You look so pretty and healthy, being pregnant suits you.
Grandma xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

You're glowing! Love the belly! And can't wait to meet that little one inside!


Anonymous said...

You look so happy and cute with your little belly! We are so thrilled for you both...what wonderful parents you will make. Ron doesn't stand a chance - that little girl will have him wrapped around her finger so fast!
Love, Nick, Trish and Brandon

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