They just showed this funny public service announcement on the Today Show from fatherhood.gov, about father's involvemnet in their children's lives. I was cracking up picturing Ronnie doing this...


Mom said...

Too Funny! I can see Ronnie doing that!

Love to the three of you! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Funny, Ronnie would do that if it made his little girl happy.
Love you xoxoxox

Daddy-to-be said...

Yes I would Grandma...thank you! :)

Just like Michelle and the Richmond Raiders!

Anonymous said...

LOL... That was way to cute! I think Ron needs the cheerleader outfit, pom poms and all to though!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the video. It's no longer available, but just by seeing the cover picture, I know it must have been good!!! I have no doubt that Ron will do whatever it takes to make his little girl happy. After all, once you become a Dad all that "macho pride"goes out the window. You live to make your children happy and secure and most times you have to get down on their level. So Ronnie, get those pom poms ready!!!! :)
Hugs & Kisses,
Mom T

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