Kaitlyn's Room

We finally chose the furniture and bedding for Kaitlyn's room. We'll be buying the crib in the States, but are having a local carpenter make the changing table and dresser. The very last picture is the bedding we chose.


Mom said...

It's Beautiful! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the whole thing, The colors are real nice ( I knew they would be). I really like the changing table and dresser. The room is going to be so pretty.
Love you
Grandma xoxoxoxoxo

Sof said...

A perfect room for a perfect little princess!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind in the email and blog dept.but,in catching up, I must say that the furniture is just beautiful!!! I also love the beddding. It's going to be a beautiful and peaceful room to rock and care for your precious little Kaitlyn. :) Good Job!!!

Mom T

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