Ready to Glide!

When we were in Miami, Ronnie and I did some looking around for a glider for Kaitlyn's room. We found a great deal at La Ideal Baby Store, but they didn't offer online shopping so we weren't sure how we'd get it to Ecuador. Lisa offered to go pick it up for us and ship it to us. Later she told us that her and Barby decided that the glider would be our gift for the shower. It arrived here on Monday and we brought it home last night and put it together. It's so comfy! Thanks, Lisa, Barby and Madison!


Soon-to-be-Daddy said...

2 comments... 1) notice how cold & rainy it looks outside. It's like that quite often out here! 2) Since Kaitlyn's not here yet, I think we should put it right in front of the tv...cause it's damn comfortable!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's very nice, I'm sure you'll spend a lot of time in it once Kaitlyn gets here, Enjoy.
Love you all.
Grandma xoxoxoxoxoxox

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