A Trip to Mindo

With just under 2 weeks left before Ronnie and I leave Quito as a childless couple, we decided to take a quick day trip to Mindo. Mindo is about 2 hours NW of Quito and is known for it's eco-adventure activities (zip lines, tubing, hiking, etc.), as well as their butterly farms. Of course with me being 31 weeks pregnant, the zip lines and tubing were out of the question. Instead, we thought we'd enjoy the road trip, check out the butterflies and have a nice lunch.

The drive was really nice. The usual windy mountain roads, but not as scary as some of the others we've been on.

This was a small part of the road that looks like it's been washed out from some rains.
Once we were in Mindo, it was clear what most people go there for...the adventures!
We found our way to one of the buttefly farms and saw some people getting ready to take off on a tubing trip.

The butterfly farm was also a hostel and had a nice restarany and colorful grounds.

This is where the butterflies turn from pupa to pretty creatures with beautiful wings.

The "owl" butterfly seems to be the most common one they had.

The butterflies only live for about 15 days. You can tell this one is on its way out.

They have fruit laying around that you can pick up to feed the butterlies.

After playing with the butterflies, we stopped in the restaurant for a bite to eat. The food was delicious!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip. You're wise to take advantage of the chance to see another part of Ecuador before Kaitlyn arrives. Once she's here you'll have differnt adventures to look forward to!! :)
Can't wait to see you!!

Mom T

Mama G xoxoxo said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the great pictures. Especially the ones of you two.
Looks like Kaitlyn already needs a toy box. :-)

Grandma said...

Hi, read your whole blog, Loved every bit of it. Kaitlyn is a beauty.
Love you
Grandma xoxoxox

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