New Videos

Here are a couple of videos taken of Kaitlyn in the last 2 days. The first one, Ron took while she was sleeping in her swing (which she loves to do). She was dreaming then woke up. Too cute!
The second is of her focusing on and following a colorful toy she has:

If you'd like to see previous videos I've posted, click here.


Daddy said...

Awesome!!! :D

Papa G said...

She's so precious. Can you bring her back for a while???

Anonymous said...

Ok, besides missing you guys a lot and not because I am her godmother, but there is a consensus between Frank and my parents, that Kaitlyn is GIFTED and absolutely gorgeous, I want to squeeze her, please give her a hug and kiss

Barbarella said...

Awww, she is just adorable. Made my ovaries perk up! LOL! I think she may give Jack a run for the fattest cheek award!

Nana G said...

She is just too adorable. I want to give her a BIG kiss so badly

Sof said...

I love the videos...keep them coming! :o)

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