Kaitlyn's New Toy

When Ron gets home from work each day, he's so excited to see Kaitlyn. She's often in a rather fussy mood that time of day, so it can be frustrating for him when all he wants to do it play with her. He's started taking her on the balcony each night. He shows her the city, talks to her and she really likes it. The other night he bundled her up to take her on the balcony and next thing we knew she was asleep. She must have really liked the warmth of her daddy's arms.
I bought Kailtyn her jumperoo last week online and it arrived yesterday. As soon as Ron goto home we put it together. She's still not quite ready to play in it yet, but it won't be long and we think she's going to love it!It's hard to tell in the picture, but she's just dangling in the seat. Her feet don't reach the ground.You can tell in the video that her feed don't touch:


A Dose of Kaitlyn

I got an email from Nana G. this morning saying she was having Kaitlyn withdrawals. She asked if I had any pictures or video of Kaitlyn that she hadn't seen. At first I didn't think I did so I said I'd take some today, but then I realized I did take a picture of her yesterday before we went to playgroup. It seemed a little chilly outside so I took the opportunity to dress Kaitlyn in a new outfit. She didn't actually wear the hat, but I had to try it on her. :)Here are a couple from this morning. We just played at home.And here's a video:


Beautiful Morning

It is such a beautiful day here in Quito! I'm enjoying my morning coffee while Kaitlyn naps. Then we're going to playgroup, then to see Daddy at the embassy. I should be a good day, especially when you wake up to this:

I'm sorry the picture is so tiny. I don't think the website really allows for panoramic pictures, but you get the idea.


Fashion Crisis Averted...

The local Presidential elections took place today in Ecuador. Because there is a voting precinct next to our church, all of the parking gets taken so they cancel mass. It would have been nice to sleep in, but we don't know what that's like these days. :) Ron wanted to surprise me and take me to Cumbaya to show me a new section with shops and restaurants that a friend told him about. As I was finishing breakfast and getting ready, Ron was in Kaitlyn's room getting her ready. Lucky for Kaitlyn, I decided to check on them and see what he was doing. Now, although Ron wanted a son when we first found out we were pregnant, he has happily adapted to his daughter. He loves dressing her and has even said that he thought he'd be sick of all the pink, but he loves it.

When I walked into the room, he was just picking out her outfit for the day. Mind you, Ron hasn't had very much experience with feminine fashion. Although he grew up with 2 sisters (and they dressed him up in skirts and makeup on occassion and called him Rhonda), like most men, he doesn't have a whole lot of fashion sense. That doesn't mean he's never had luck dressing Kaitlyn, he's done very well on quite a few occassions. However, today was a different story. He excitedly showed me the outfit he had planned for her to wear. At first, I thought he was kidding. I asked when he had gone color blind? He thought the pink and the purple looked so cute together. I agree, those colors are 2 of my favorites and honestly, you could dress Kaitlyn in a brown paper bag and she'd still look adorable, but the two pieces he had picked out just didn't work together. Luckily, he wasn't too set on it and once I disapproved he chose something else...that matched. Still in shock from his original choice, I had to take a picture of what could have been Kaitlyn's first fashion faux pas:Not only does it not match colorwise, the top is stripes and the pants are polka dots! Yes, separately (or with the correct coordinating pieces) these are adorable articles of clothing. One day, Kaitlyn will thank me and I'm just glad I was in the right place at the right time. :) Below is a great picture of Daddy and his girl dressed in the alternate outfit he chose.


Happy birthday, Kyle!

I'm so happy to share the news that Liane delivered a healthy baby boy today. Kyle Lawson C. was born at 2:08 p.m. in Tampa, FL. He weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. Welcome to the world, Kyle! The Tambos can't wait to meet you.

What to wear?

Yesterday I took Kaitlyn to the embassy to have lunch with Ron. It was our first outing this week since we haven't gone to playgroup. I wanted Kaitlyn to look extra cute (I know, how can she get any cuter...) so I was originally going to put her in this dress given to her from Sofia, but it was a little too cold.Instead, she wore this adorable hoodie (also from Sofia) and it was perfect!And after that I couldn't resist, we needed a photo shoot. :)When Ron got home from work, Kaitlyn was in a fantastic mood so we whipped out the camcorder. She was more active before we started recording, but here's a clip anyway.

If you're viewing this in email or with Google Reader you'll want to visit the actual blog to see the video. I also changed the layout and style of the blog, but I'm not loving it so I'll probably make some more changes. I also hope to get some pictures of Ron's Pichincha volcano climb up this weekend. Stay tuned...


All About Kaitlyn

I forgot to post this first picture the other day. She's not quite ready for her Bumbo seat, but soon enough she'll be sitting up like a big girl!
This was taken last Sunday before we left for church. She looked so cute in pink and white!
The camera didn't quite capture how pretty this evening was.This morning Kaitlyn was napping in her swing. She started crying so I picked her up, but she never opened her eyes. She just fell back asleep and slept in my arms for another hour. It was the best! Nothing is sweeter than that!


Beautiful Day

Today was a gorgeous day in Quito. Daddy went with his friends to climb a volcano (pictures to come) and Kaitlyn and Mommy went to the mall. :) Later in the afternoon while Daddy took a nap Kaitlyn posed for some pictures.



Here are some recent pictures of Kaitlyn. She absoslutely loves her activity mat.
Yesterday mornin was gorgeous! It was a beautifully clear day so we tried to get a picture of Kaitlyn with the city behind her. Daddy had fun playing with all of Kaitlyn's bath toys. :)


Sleeping Beauty

Lately, Kaitlyn will fall asleep on the boppy while feeding. It's so cute how she looks nice and snug and comfy.Today she took her first nap in her crib. (Sorry, I couldn't get this picture to rotate properly for the life of me!) Kaitlyn currently sleeps in the bassinet of her pack and play right next to our bed. I've decided to start putting her in her crib during the day so whenever we do move her to her own room she'll be used to it.


We Love 4-Day Weekends!

This weekend was a nice, long and relaxing one for us. Ron was off from work on both Thursday and Friday for Semana Santa (Holy Week). The weather wasn't the greatest, so we spent a lot of time indoors, but on Saturday we took Kaitlyn to Parque Carolina for the first time. The park offers all kinds of activities such as paddle boats, exercise trails and horseback riding. Ronnie and I got pretty competitive on the balance beam.
We did some walking and Kaitlyn slept most of the time, but once she woke up we found a shady spot underneath a tree to relax and people watch.
When we got back home, Daddy wanted to chill with his little girl in the glider.
Then he sat Kaitlyn down to watch some TV with him. and shortly after Kaitlyn and Mommy took a short nap on the couch.Later that evening, I had my first girls night out away from Kaitlyn. It was just up the street at a friend's house and Kaitlyn went right to bed for Daddy. He was afraid she'd throw a fit and he'd have to call me to come home, but she was such a good girl for him!
This morning we got up and took Kaitlyn to church for Easter mass. Unfortunately, she was not in a good mood. I missed half of mass while I was outside with her and it didn't get much better after mass at the potluck breakfast. We still wanted a family picture with her at the church and the picture below was the best we could get.
Once we got her home she seemed to be in a much better mood, so we snapped this much nicer family picture.Later in the afternoon, we got ready to go to a friend's house for Easter lunch. Daddy was very proud of the outfit he picked out for Kaitlyn. She really did look adorable! All the way down to her socks. They have little pink puppies on them that have a ball inside so they rattle. We think they looked more like bunnies today. :)
Before leaving Kaitlyn took a short nap. Ron took this picture because he couldn't believe how long she looks here.She looks so big here. She's changed so much in the last 10 weeks! The bigger kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.
...while Kaitlyn played with Daddy.It was a great weekend and Kaitlyn and I are sad that Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow. :(
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