Cutie pie!

WARNING: This post is really for the Grandparents. It's a fairly long (over 8 minutes) video of Kaitlyn in her bouncy seat. What grandparent wouldn't love to sit and watch their beautiful granddaughter for that long?? ;) She was really enjoying all the features of the bouncy and she makes some really cute faces and noises. Nana's and Papa's, enjoy!


Barbarella said...

I love this age. They come more alive everyday! <3

Nana & Papa G said...

Enjoyed every bit of the 8 min. and 10 sec. Can't wait to see more.

Papa G said...

That completely made my day!

I can watch again and again.

Anonymous said...

What a joy watching the video!! I felt like I was in the room with you guys, except I couldn't reach out and give her a big squeeze and kiss. :( Thanks for keeping us up with her development. She's a real cutie!!! You guys are doing a great job!!! Isn't parenthood fun?!!! (at least this part of it).

Hugs and kisses.
Mom T

Anonymous said...

Oh My she is so cute, she looks like fun to be around, she is going to talk early her mouth is moving all the time. Thanks.
Love you xoxoxoxoxo

Sof said...

I love that she looked right at the camera & smiled! She's so precious! xoxo :o)

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