A Dose of Kaitlyn

I got an email from Nana G. this morning saying she was having Kaitlyn withdrawals. She asked if I had any pictures or video of Kaitlyn that she hadn't seen. At first I didn't think I did so I said I'd take some today, but then I realized I did take a picture of her yesterday before we went to playgroup. It seemed a little chilly outside so I took the opportunity to dress Kaitlyn in a new outfit. She didn't actually wear the hat, but I had to try it on her. :)Here are a couple from this morning. We just played at home.And here's a video:


Nana G said...

I Love, Love, Love the videos. She's gonna be a real talker. Her tongue never stops moving.

She's soooooo adorable! xoxoxoxox

Mom T said...

What a great video! Keep 'em coming. We need our daily dose of Kaitlyn!!! She's so cute when she gets excited and starts moving her arms and legs and "talking". Give her mucho hugs and kisses from us.

Mom & Dad T

Sof said...

She's so adorable, I love that she's trying to talk! xoxo :o)

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