Kaitlyn is 2 months old!

At 2 months old, Kaitlyn:
- is about 11 lbs and 22 inches.
- is still an amazing sleeper. She goes to bed easily and usually does a 6-8 hour stretch before waking up to eat. She also naps throughout the day.
- has taken her first (international) flight on a plane.
- still loves getting her diaper changed. If she's in a bad mood all we have to do is lay her on her changing table and she calms down. The only time this doesn't work is in the middle of the night. She's recently started to throw a fit when having her diaper changed in the wee hours of the morning.
- smiles a lot more, but still not quite on cue...we can't wait for that!
- has improved vision. She loves staring at her mobiles and can easily follow objects.
- loves her swing. She frequently naps in it.
- loves to cuddle with her mommy or daddy. As long as she's in your arms and can see over your shoulder she's usually pretty content.
- has started to coo and aaah some...we're still trying to catch it on video.
- has found her hands...she will suck on her fist as if it were a lollipop.
- has almost outgrown her newborn clothes. :(
- can lift her head up pretty well when on her tummy.

We can't believe how quickly 2 months have gone by. She amazes us more every day! Happy 2 months, Kaitlyn! xoxo


Daddy said...

Is it just me, or does she kinda look a puppy in the big pic on the left? Can't wait to get home to you girls!

Nana G said...

She's getting sooooo big! Give her a kiss and a hug from Nana G. XO

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