Kaitlyn Meets the Easter Bunny

Last weekend the Embassy had an egg hunt at the Ambassador's house so we took Kaitlyn to see the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, we got there late because I had the wrong time and when we arrived the Easter bunny was already gone. Luckily, we know the woman who organized the event so she let us use the bunny costume to take some pictures. :)

The color on the pictures is horrible. We had the camera on a weird setting and I tried my best to correct it in PhotoShop, but they're still a little off.

We tried to be discreet so no other kids would see the Easter bunny and draw a crowd, but one little girl spotted him. She wasn't too sure about him at first, but as you can see in the video below she got used to him and Ron, I mean the Easter bunny, did a great job of entertaining her.


Nana G said...

So Cute and so Funny!!!

Daddy aka Easter Bunny said...

I still think it was a brilliant idea to hop around with her :)

Mama G said...

You are an Awesome Easter Bunny aka Daddy :-)

Papa G said...

ehhhhhhh what's up doc?

Very cool....made her day!

Anonymous said...

You might have a career in the entertainment field!!! Loved the video.

Mom T

Anonymous said...

Great pictures,She really is alert for a 2 mon. old. Ronnie made a great bunny. Her 2 mo. pictures she look just like Ronnie.
Love you xoxoxox
Grandma xoxoxoxoxo

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