Kaitlyn's New Toy

When Ron gets home from work each day, he's so excited to see Kaitlyn. She's often in a rather fussy mood that time of day, so it can be frustrating for him when all he wants to do it play with her. He's started taking her on the balcony each night. He shows her the city, talks to her and she really likes it. The other night he bundled her up to take her on the balcony and next thing we knew she was asleep. She must have really liked the warmth of her daddy's arms.
I bought Kailtyn her jumperoo last week online and it arrived yesterday. As soon as Ron goto home we put it together. She's still not quite ready to play in it yet, but it won't be long and we think she's going to love it!It's hard to tell in the picture, but she's just dangling in the seat. Her feet don't reach the ground.You can tell in the video that her feed don't touch:


Angie said...

Here I go again....She is soooo CUTE! And she is growing so fast!! Love your updates! Besos!

Sof said...

She's going to have so much fun in her Jumperoo! :o)

Nana G said...

Too Cute! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I want to hold her and play with her, miss you guys!
:) madrina

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