We Love 4-Day Weekends!

This weekend was a nice, long and relaxing one for us. Ron was off from work on both Thursday and Friday for Semana Santa (Holy Week). The weather wasn't the greatest, so we spent a lot of time indoors, but on Saturday we took Kaitlyn to Parque Carolina for the first time. The park offers all kinds of activities such as paddle boats, exercise trails and horseback riding. Ronnie and I got pretty competitive on the balance beam.
We did some walking and Kaitlyn slept most of the time, but once she woke up we found a shady spot underneath a tree to relax and people watch.
When we got back home, Daddy wanted to chill with his little girl in the glider.
Then he sat Kaitlyn down to watch some TV with him. and shortly after Kaitlyn and Mommy took a short nap on the couch.Later that evening, I had my first girls night out away from Kaitlyn. It was just up the street at a friend's house and Kaitlyn went right to bed for Daddy. He was afraid she'd throw a fit and he'd have to call me to come home, but she was such a good girl for him!
This morning we got up and took Kaitlyn to church for Easter mass. Unfortunately, she was not in a good mood. I missed half of mass while I was outside with her and it didn't get much better after mass at the potluck breakfast. We still wanted a family picture with her at the church and the picture below was the best we could get.
Once we got her home she seemed to be in a much better mood, so we snapped this much nicer family picture.Later in the afternoon, we got ready to go to a friend's house for Easter lunch. Daddy was very proud of the outfit he picked out for Kaitlyn. She really did look adorable! All the way down to her socks. They have little pink puppies on them that have a ball inside so they rattle. We think they looked more like bunnies today. :)
Before leaving Kaitlyn took a short nap. Ron took this picture because he couldn't believe how long she looks here.She looks so big here. She's changed so much in the last 10 weeks! The bigger kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.
...while Kaitlyn played with Daddy.It was a great weekend and Kaitlyn and I are sad that Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow. :(


Anonymous said...

She is getting so big, It's hard to belive she's only 2 mos.. I can see you guys are really having a lot of fun with her.
Love you xoxoxoxx

Angie said...

You guys look wonderful! Love all the pictures! =)

Angie said...
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Angie said...
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Papa G said...

You must be exhausted just from keeping everyone updated with all these pictures! They are all wonderful and exciting for us to see...don't stop!

Love Dad

Mama G said...

Loved all of the pictures. Kaitlyn is growing so fast. We can't get enough pictures. Keep sending them.

Love to the Three of You!!! xoxoxo

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