On April 19, Ron and I were both given awards from the Department of State. Ron's award was for 10 years of service and mine was for a job well done on the embassy move. Ron says I was the one that really deserved it. I busted my butt for my award, he just had to not get fired. :) Here we are with our awards (Kaitlyn counts as an award, right?) and the U.S. Ambassador, Heather Hodges. It was a nice ceremony and an honor to have my hard work recognized.


Paragliding in Canoa

Here are the clips of Ron paragliding during our trip to the beach. Unfortunately, the video quality is poor because it was getting dark.


Random pics

Here are a few pics and a video that I keep meaning to post. Last Friday, when Ron walked in from work he kept the motorcycle gear on to see how Kaitlyn would react. It didn't phase her one bit, she knows her Daddy!This was just a cute picture taken over the weekend. :)On Saturday, we got to hear Kaitlyn's first real laugh. It was so cute and was brought on by Daddy. We were getting ready to walk up to a friend's house to pick up a puzzle and Daddy was being silly. I wasn't in the room when she did it, but I definitely heard it. Here are a few more just after the "first"...


Will You Marry Me?

Two years ago today, Ron flew to Miami from DC for his last weekend in the States before heading to Ecuador. I, myself, had just returned from DC after spending a wonderful week with him in our nation's capitol. In my eyes, our relationship was in limbo. Although, we had been together for a couple of years, he was about to move to South America and I was staying behind.

I picked him up from the airport and we went back to my apartment. Shortly after we arrived, he started talking about our relationship. He told me he didn't want to have to say goodbye anymore and do the long distance thing, etc. I absolutely thought we were having the break-up talk. Much to my surprise, a few moments later he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was shocked! It was such a great evening and we spent the rest of the weekend together sharing the news with friends and family. A few days later, he left for Ecuador and I spent the next 4 and a half months planning our wedding. :)


Daddy Time

Kaitlyn loves her time with Daddy. In the first video, Daddy's helping her learn to roll over and in the second, she and Daddy are exchanging funny faces.

Sportin' the bib

Kaitlyn was able to finally wear one of her many bibs for the first time today. Drinking from a bottle can get messy!


Vamos a la playa!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but it's been a hectic week! We're in the process of trying to introduce formula to Kaitlyn as a supplement and she's not really a big fan of it. It's making feeding time so much longer so I feel like the bulk of my days consist of feeding her. Anyway, that's my excuse for such a long wait for our pictures from the weekend.

We headed to Canoa, Ecaudor on Friday for a nice long weekend at the beach. We went with 2 other families and we had a great time! The hosteria we stayed at was very cute. Except for the first night, we were the only people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We spent our days by the pool, by the ocean, napping and eating. It was very relaxing. The boys did some surfing and paragliding.

Enjoy the pictures:On the beach, there were several tiki huts. Kaitlyn and I spent a lot of time under them in the shade.Kaitlyn didn't really like getting lathered with sun block.At home Kaitlyn usually takes a morning nap in her swing with ocean sounds playing. She was very comfortable napping with real waves crashing a few yards away.Again, the sound of the ocean put her to sleep everytime.On the other end of the beach were colorful tents for rent.Breaking for lunch.All the guys did some surfing.Although it's a blurry picture, it's one of the few I got of Ronnie while he was up on the board.
When Ron went paragliding it was too dark to get any pictures (but there will be video soon). Here's Brent coming in from his flight.

Here's a video of various clips throughout the weekend.
Ron will put together his paragliding video and I'll post that another time.


Have a Great Weekend

Here are a couple of videos of Kaitlyn taken in the last 2 days. We're off to the beach for the weekend so this will have to do until we get back. :)


Bath time

After last night's bath, Kaitlyn spent some time getting warm in Daddy's arms:


Weekend Recap - Mother's Day

We had a wonderful weekend! The weather was gorgeous so we tried to get out as much as possible. Daddy took Kaitlyn on one of his usual balcony walks and it was a little chilly out so he had her bundled like a kangaroo. :)On Saturday, we were on a mission to find a bathing suit for Kaitlyn, but it didn't happen and we're still looking! While we were out we stopped for lunch at the new Chili's that recently opened. It was so good and just as satisfying as in the States. It did not disappoint! I bought a puzzle I saw at the toy store and when we got home Ron and I worked on it while Kaitlyn took a nap. For some reason, I was determined to finish the puzzle that night. And thanks to Ron, we did. Sunday, of course was Mother's Day and it was such a FABULOUS day for me. Ron really went all out to make me feel special. He started the day by making me breakfast.
Then he gave me my gifts: a beautiful bouquet of flowers:this adorable picture frame from Kaitlyn:and a gift certificate to get a massage. Then we went to church and came home to relax a bit before heading to the park.
Kaitlyn loved being out in the fresh air on such a beautiful day.

I hope all the mommies out there had a wonderful day, too!


Ready for the Beach

The Children's Place was having an awesome sale a couple of weeks ago so I ordered a few things for Kaitlyn. I wanted to get her a couple of wide rimmed hats since we're outside a lot more these days and the sun is pretty intense on the equator. While browsing, I saw some sunglasses and for only $2.50, how could I pass on them? Here she is sporting some of her new gear.

Elton John's got nothin' on this cutie! :) The best part is we're taking a trip to the beach next weekend so she'll be ready. This weekend we're going bathing suit shopping! (For Kaitlyn, not Mommy.)

Bunny Kisses

This video was taken a few days ago, but it took me a while to get it shortened down to under 5 minutes. It's kind of choppy because I cut out a lot. Enjoy!


Daddy to the Rescue

Ron came home from work early yesterday, so I took the opportunity to run to the grocery store before traffic got too bad. Ron stayed home with Kaitlyn, but she wasn't in the best mood. After a while of trying to soothe her, he decided the only thing that would probably calm her was food. As I walked in the door he was pouring her a bottle and got to feed her for the first time. It was so cute seeing him cuddle with his girl and it worked like a charm!
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