Vamos a la playa!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but it's been a hectic week! We're in the process of trying to introduce formula to Kaitlyn as a supplement and she's not really a big fan of it. It's making feeding time so much longer so I feel like the bulk of my days consist of feeding her. Anyway, that's my excuse for such a long wait for our pictures from the weekend.

We headed to Canoa, Ecaudor on Friday for a nice long weekend at the beach. We went with 2 other families and we had a great time! The hosteria we stayed at was very cute. Except for the first night, we were the only people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We spent our days by the pool, by the ocean, napping and eating. It was very relaxing. The boys did some surfing and paragliding.

Enjoy the pictures:On the beach, there were several tiki huts. Kaitlyn and I spent a lot of time under them in the shade.Kaitlyn didn't really like getting lathered with sun block.At home Kaitlyn usually takes a morning nap in her swing with ocean sounds playing. She was very comfortable napping with real waves crashing a few yards away.Again, the sound of the ocean put her to sleep everytime.On the other end of the beach were colorful tents for rent.Breaking for lunch.All the guys did some surfing.Although it's a blurry picture, it's one of the few I got of Ronnie while he was up on the board.
When Ron went paragliding it was too dark to get any pictures (but there will be video soon). Here's Brent coming in from his flight.

Here's a video of various clips throughout the weekend.
Ron will put together his paragliding video and I'll post that another time.


Mama G said...

LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing. xoxoxoxoxo

Mom T said...

What a great weekend!! Looks like everyone enjoyed the beach. Will you be surfing again, Ron? Can't wait to see the paragliding video.


Angie said...

Great pictures! I've been wondering where you've been hiding all week. Hope the feedings get easier. Besos!! Angie

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