Weekend Recap

Thanks to a local holiday, Ron had Friday off so we enjoyed a nice long weekend together. Overall, the weekend was pretty mellow. The majority of the weekend involved lots of NBA playoff games, rain and food. :) We stayed home for most of the weekend because of the weather and only left the house to go out to eat, grocery shop, then to go to church.

On Friday, Ron and I started a new exercise routine. Jillian Michael's (of The Biggest Loser fame) 30-Day Shred DVD. So far, we're only 2 days into it and I'm SO sore. Jillian is tough and she gives no time for breaks. It's only a 20 minute workout so it's not too hard to commit to. Hopefully I'll see some results in the coming weeks.

During one of Kaitlyn's few short naps, we watched Game 7 of the Heat v. Hawks game. This is obviously before the game as we were still smiling.We thought today would be a good day to give Kaitlyn her first bottle. We only gave her 1.5 oz. to start off with. She did so well and absolutely devoured it! Here's video of it:


Nana G said...

Awww what a big girl!

Papa G said...

So neat,,,, I know Ronnie will be having a grand time feeding her. Mom will get a break too!

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