Blankets and Laughs

This week we got the blanket that Kaitlyn's Great-Grandma made her. I picked out the material at the end of last year, but because Grandma got sick, she wasn't able to make it until recently. I had forgotten how cute the material was and I absolutely LOVE it! It's so soft and fluffy. Kaitlyn really likes it, too! :)

Thank you, Grandma!
Tonight, as we were getting her ready for bed, we found a new tickle spot on Kaitlyn. She has the cutest laugh! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad she likes her blankie, She is so adorable, I laughed with her laughing, I can't belive how she tries to talk to you, she sure is a Daddy's girl.
Love you all xoxoxoxo

Mama G said...

Adorable! The blanket turned out really nice! :-)

Sof said...

Adorable, even Brandon was laughing! He said Baby Katelyn is so cute! xoxo

Anonymous said...
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