Going to Miami

Kaitlyn and I took a trip home to Miami last week. It was a fabulous visit! The main purpose of the visit was so Kaitlyn could meet her great-grandma. As many of you know, Grandma got sick during the holidays last year. She was supposed to be in Miami for Kaitlyn's arrival, but wasn't able to make it before we left to return to Quito. She is doing SO MUCH better now and took a trip to Miami to see Zachary for his birthday. Kaitlyn and I decided to surprise her. Here's a video of our surprise arrival:

While in Miami, Kaitlyn and I got to spend lots of time with family and friends. Here are some pictures of our time with the Tambos:Time with the Gilberts:It was also great to spend time with friends: Kailtyn had a great time in Miami!While in Miami, Kaitlyn finally got the hang of eating her rice cereal from a spoon. When she first started, she wasn't that fond of it.But once we were there, she loved it!

When we got back to Quito, Ron was sick. He's had a pretty nasty cold for the last few days so he hasn't been able to be around Kaitlyn as much as he'd like. So, we came up with this solution:
Hee hee hee.

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