Silly Kaitlyn

This morning Kaitlyn was making some funny faces. We wonder if she was trying to tell us she was hungry?


Recent Pics of Kaitlyn

Here are some pictures and a quick video of Kaitlyn I've taken recently. I hope to take some more pictures this weekend.

Kaitlyn loves Mommy's necklace.Kaitlyn's in bed and the NFL pre-season has begun. Go 'Fins!I love these next 2 shots.Ron is getting really excited about College football season starting. He had to make sure Kaitlyn was ready to wear her gear.And this is how Ron carries Kaitlyn around the house lately. She seems to like the view. Kaitlyn continues to get stronger and still loves to stand.


Website review: Ebates.com

I’ve wanted to share this info with everyone for a while, but I decided to wait to make sure it was legit. This may seem like a sales pitch, but it really is an honest review of a great website that can save you money.

As you can imagine, living overseas means not being able to get many of the State-side products we’re used to. While we could definitely get by on many of the local products, there are just some things that are either too hard to live without or just better quality when made in the good ol’ USA (or China, or Pakistan). Ok, maybe I should say better when bought from the good ol’ USA. I’m sure if our family were living this overseas experience many years ago, we would just grin and bear, but thanks to the lovely invention called the internet, we (mostly) don’t have to!

I do a lot of online shopping. And no, it’s not all frivolous purchases just to buy something so I can get the joy of receiving packages in the mail…although that is fun, too. I’d say about 80% of what I buy online are baby products. This is mainly due to 2 things: 1) the quality of baby products is so much better in the States and 2) most of the products are much cheaper in the States. Of course, I also occasionally purchase clothes, gifts, greeting cards. So, over the last 2 years I’ve made many online purchases. And it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I learned about how I could be saving some money by shopping through Ebates. What Is Ebates?
Ebates is a referral website. You visit Ebates and they refer you to hundreds of online stores. By doing this, Ebates receives a kickback from the store you purchase from. The best part is, Ebates shares that kickback with you.

How does it Work?
Here is their quick version of how it works. My understanding is: You register and create a FREE account with Ebates. (If you decide to register, please
click here. Yes, I will receive a referral bonus if you register through me. Consider it a thank you to me for sharing this info with you.☺) Once you’re all set up, browse the site looking for stores you want to buy from. You can either search for a specific store or search for a specific product and it will show you which stores have the product. Ebates also brings up any coupons, discounts or sales that are available for each product or store. Once you find the store or product you are looking for, Ebates will open a new window taking you to the store. It is very important that you do your shopping through the window that Ebates opens. If you close it then go to the store’s site directly, you won’t earn the cash back. Each store will earn you a different percent of cash back. I do most of my shopping at drugstore.com, so I earn 6% cash back from my total purchase.

How do you get paid?
The only “catch” (which, really isn’t a catch just an inconvenience) is it can take a while to get the money. Ebates sends out cash back checks quartlery based on the schedule below.

Also, in order for them to send you a check, you have to have a minimum of $5.01 of earned cash. Earned cash is from purchases only, not “bonus” cash you receive from registering or referring friends. If you earn less than $5.01 in a quarter, the money carries over until you reach the minimum ($5.01) needed. So, depending on how much online shopping you do and which stores you shop from, it could take a while. I started using Ebates in late May of this year and yesterday I received my first check!

How do I persnally use it?
I have stores I regularly shop from (drugstore.com, Target.com) and I always purchase from those stores through Ebates. However, if I’m shopping for something specific I’ll do a search on Google to find the best price. Once I find it, I’ll check Ebates to see if they offer cash back from that store. A perfect example: A few weeks ago, Ron saw some work shoes he wanted to buy at our local mall, but knew they would be cheaper to buy online. We searched for the shoes online and found that Florsheim.com offered the lowest price. Ron was ready to make the purchase, but before he did I quickly checked Ebates to see if they offered cash back with Florsheim and they did! We got the best price and an additional 4% back! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I purchase diapers and formula quite often so those small percentages add up.

What stores can you buy from?
There are SO many stores that you can shop from through Ebates. I’m always surprised at which stores I find and they are always adding more. These are some of the more popular ones:
Target, Drugstore, Walmart, Overstock, Old Navy, Macy’s, JCPenney, Ebay...I could go on and on.

For those of you that don’t shop online very often, it may not benefit you as much. But if you do shop online regularly, there’s really no reason not to shop through Ebates. For more info, you can visit Ebates Help Section. Happy shopping!


Countdown to September 7

With just over 2 weeks until the start of the college football season, Ron and I are psyched to dress Kaitlyn in her adorable UM/FSU outfits during the season. While we pretty much agree that she will wear the outfit of whichever team is playing on any given gameday, we've been having a difficult time trying to decide what she'll wear during the game on September 7, when UM travels to Tallahassee to play the 'Noles. We've been offered all kinds of advice on how to fairly work it out. We thought we had decided on splitting the day in half with a wardrobe change in between. Then it hit me! No need to divide the day in half, when we can just divide the baby in half! :) So, today I made this:
How perfect is that?!

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

I finally finished reading the much-raved-about book, The Time Traveler's Wife.It was great! I took me a while to get through because I couldn't find time to dedicate to it. But, once I finally got back into it I couldn't put it down. I finished the second half of the book in one day. It was a bit confusing with all the time travel and I found myself looking back a few pages to remind myself what date I was on. A few days after I started reading it, I learned that they made it into a movie. I refused to watch the movie trailer because I didn't want it to give away any part of the story I hadn't gotten to yet (which, it would have). I also didn't want to see the actors who portrayed Henry and Clare because it would ruin the way I pictured them in my mind. Now that I've finished, I can't wait to see the movie. If you won't be reading the book, go ahead and check out the trailer here. If you do plan on reading the book first, avoid the trailer at all costs!


Get Up, Stand Up (Insert Bob Marley voice)

Kaitlyn has really started to like standing up. We give her some assistance and she just pops right up. Ron thinks she's going to walk before she crawls. Check out the video below:


by the photography bug. I have been having so much fun with my new camera! I'm taking pictures of everything and trying to learn about post production, too. Adobe Lightroom is so much fun! I also ordered some books that have been really helpful: I look forward to the weekends when Ron is home so he can help me set up "shoots" of Kaitlyn. I think I might be driving Ron a little crazy with my new obsession, but so far he's been excited for me. :)

Here are some pictures I took on Friday night out with the girls. They're not very impressive yet, but I'm practicing!

From Robin's Baby Shower



Kaitlyn says Dada!

Ron couldn't resist getting this video uploaded tonight.

New DSLR camera = Lots of pictures

On Wednesday, my new toy the Canon Rebel XSi finally arrived. I have been busy playing with it and taking pictures of anything and everything. I'm still getting used to it and trying to use it on Manual Mode as much as possible. Here are some pictures we've taken it with it, so far.

Kaitlyn is great...so happy. As you will see in the pictures below, she is sitting up on her own. She's quickly becoming such a big girl. She loves to stand up and she recently started to take sips from a cup and loves it. Tonight, while getting ready for bed she repeatedly said "dadadadada", much to Ron's delight! I also have some videos to post, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.


Nana and Papa G Visit

We had such a wonderful time during Nana and Papa G's visit. We did much of the same things we did while Nana T and Barby were here, but we were also able to go to Papallacta this time. Here are the pictures from their visit.

Mitad del Mundo.Neither of them could balance their eggs. It must be a Gilbert thing because I've never been able to do it either.Papa felt the force of being in the equator...he couldn't walk a straight line...or was that the Pilsener he had at lunch. ;)Nana checking out the view on the balcony during the day......and again at night, this time with a Pilsener in hand.Kaitlyn was so happy to have Nana and Papa G visit her.Shopping...When we arrived at the Thermal Springs in Papallacta, it was about 45 degrees outside. Kaitlyn felt the chill.They made everyone wear swim caps to go into the pools. Although Kaitlyn didn't go in, she still rocked the cap and looked cute doing it. Luckily, the pools were nice and warm. It was difficult getting out because it was so cold outside!Dad getting warm under the heater in locker rooms.Kaitlyn and Nana were all bundled up waiting for the rest of us to finish in the pools.The grounds were beautiful! Ronnie and I will definitely be going back.On one of our drives we saw this guys walking down the street. We're not quite sure what his deal was.Mom's birthday was during their visit so we went out to dinner. She loved the roses we bought her. :)The girls ready for the day.Basilica del Voto NacionalWe took the elevator at the church and it was quite scary. It's hard to tell here, but only one of the doors opened and it was verrrrrry slow. We said a little prayer each time we got on.Kaitlyn and I stayed behind while everyone climbed up to the bell tower. Mom did great!Kaitlyn was all smiles while Nana and Papa were in town.I took Mom and Dad up on the teleferico to see the views from Pichincha. It was a beautiful day!But it was very cold and windy up there!On the way back down in the cable car.
One last stop at the market for some souvenirs.
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