I'm still catching up after Mom and Dad's visit, but I soon hope to be posting here more frequently. We had a GREAT time with them. I'll try to post pictures before the weekend is over. Some random things I wanted to share:

  • I'm going to *try* to blog about other things here besides Kaitlyn. I know she is really the reason most people visit the blog, but this place is kind of like a journal for me. A place to "record" thoughts and what's going on in our lives. It's always fun to look back at even the most random entries. I may try to incorporate more of my "other" blog, which I haven't updated in over a year. So, the two shall merge. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of Kaitlyn updates, pictures and videos.
  • As I mentioned here a couple of months ago, Ron and I received awards from the State Department. The award I received was a Superior Honor Award. The State Dept. describes it as: The Superior Honor Award is presented to groups or individuals in recognition of a special act or service or sustained extraordinary performance covering a period of one year or longer. Along with my plaque, I also received a monetary award. I had forgotten about it until recently and figured that it would just sit in my bank account and eventually get used for diapers and formula if I don't spend it on myself. Afterall, I worked my butt off for it ,so why shouldn't I use the money to reward myself? And that's when I realized that I can finally get the one thing I have been bugging Ronnie about the most. :) So, yesterday I purchased this beauty:I am so excited to receive it. I have been doing lots of research and educating myself on all of the features and about photography in general so I can use it as it was meant to be used. Yay! Hopefully, you'll see a difference in my pictures. (If you don't, just lie to me.)
  • One of my newest interests (also pertaing to photography) is Alphabet Photography. I have seen this type of gift before and thought it was so unique. Here's a example of what I'm talking about. I figured it must not be that difficult to do, you just have to be creative enough to look for the letters. So, I decided to try make my own. I thought it was the perfect farewell gift for our friends who were leaving Quito. I wanted to use "letters" from around Ecuador to remind them of their time here. This is the finished product: The "K" is from The Black Sheep Inn, a very cute lodge we took a roadtrip to with the King's. The "I" is from The Panecillo, the "N" is from Mitad del Mundo and the "G" is from the Basilica del Voto Nacional. I love how it turned out and now I'm obsessed with finding letters throughout the city so I can make on for us.
  • I've also been helping my friend Sofia setup a blog/website to promote her photography business Sofia Miranda Photography. She's quite talented and I've enjoyed helping her.
  • Ron has been busy planning our trip to the Galapagos Islands next month. It's going to be great! I hope to get some great pictures with my new camera! We'll also be going to Cleveland and Miami for some time with family. So much to look forward to!

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