Nana and Papa G Visit

We had such a wonderful time during Nana and Papa G's visit. We did much of the same things we did while Nana T and Barby were here, but we were also able to go to Papallacta this time. Here are the pictures from their visit.

Mitad del Mundo.Neither of them could balance their eggs. It must be a Gilbert thing because I've never been able to do it either.Papa felt the force of being in the equator...he couldn't walk a straight line...or was that the Pilsener he had at lunch. ;)Nana checking out the view on the balcony during the day......and again at night, this time with a Pilsener in hand.Kaitlyn was so happy to have Nana and Papa G visit her.Shopping...When we arrived at the Thermal Springs in Papallacta, it was about 45 degrees outside. Kaitlyn felt the chill.They made everyone wear swim caps to go into the pools. Although Kaitlyn didn't go in, she still rocked the cap and looked cute doing it. Luckily, the pools were nice and warm. It was difficult getting out because it was so cold outside!Dad getting warm under the heater in locker rooms.Kaitlyn and Nana were all bundled up waiting for the rest of us to finish in the pools.The grounds were beautiful! Ronnie and I will definitely be going back.On one of our drives we saw this guys walking down the street. We're not quite sure what his deal was.Mom's birthday was during their visit so we went out to dinner. She loved the roses we bought her. :)The girls ready for the day.Basilica del Voto NacionalWe took the elevator at the church and it was quite scary. It's hard to tell here, but only one of the doors opened and it was verrrrrry slow. We said a little prayer each time we got on.Kaitlyn and I stayed behind while everyone climbed up to the bell tower. Mom did great!Kaitlyn was all smiles while Nana and Papa were in town.I took Mom and Dad up on the teleferico to see the views from Pichincha. It was a beautiful day!But it was very cold and windy up there!On the way back down in the cable car.
One last stop at the market for some souvenirs.

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