Recent Pics of Kaitlyn

Here are some pictures and a quick video of Kaitlyn I've taken recently. I hope to take some more pictures this weekend.

Kaitlyn loves Mommy's necklace.Kaitlyn's in bed and the NFL pre-season has begun. Go 'Fins!I love these next 2 shots.Ron is getting really excited about College football season starting. He had to make sure Kaitlyn was ready to wear her gear.And this is how Ron carries Kaitlyn around the house lately. She seems to like the view. Kaitlyn continues to get stronger and still loves to stand.


Grandma said...

How cute,she gets ready to stand as soon as she sees Ronnie's fingers, She'll be running before you know it.
Love you
Grandma xoxoxoxo

Daddy said...

Can't believe how big she looks sitting on my shoulder!

Sofia Miranda said...

She's so yummy! I love the pics you've taken, keep them coming! xoxo :o)

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