Are you ready for some football??

...Kaitlyn is!
I added some pictures to the bottom of this post of Kaitlyn sporting her 'Canes gear.

In the past few days we've brought out all of Kaitlyn's sports gear. It's pretty much a sure thing that she'll be getting lots of wear out of all of these outfits in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Madrina loves her little NOLE girl!!! Sorry Daddy but Garnet and Gold is the way to go!

Mom T said...

It's not the outfit that makes the girl, it's the GIRL that makes the outfit. I hate to admit it, but she looks adorable in the Noles outfit as well as the Canes (sorry daddy) Of course, we prefer the CANES. Go Canes!!!!!! Keep working on her, daddy!

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