Kaitlyn is 7 Months Old!

At 7 months old, Kaitlyn:
  • is getting bigger! (We don't have weight/height stats this time because there were no doctor visits.)
  • is wearing size 6 month clothes. She has a couple of 3 month items that she can still wear and the 6-9 month are a bit big, but she's getting there.
  • is sitting up on her own. She still falls over every so often, but she's gotten much stronger.
  • loves to drink water from a regular cup (but she still hasn't mastered a sippy cup).
  • has babbled: dada, nana and mama.
  • now sleeps unswaddled (at night). It so cute to see her in all sorts of positions with her hands usually up near her face. ADORABLE!
  • can find her binky in the crib, pick it up and put it back in her mouth.
  • makes it difficult to change her diaper. She always wants to roll over!
  • can pull herself up to a standing position while holding on to Mommy's shirt.
  • has decided she is not a fan of peaches, but still is a great eater, otherwise.
  • is still not crawling, which only frustrates her.
  • has no idea that college football season starts today and she will be "the baby divided" once a week for the next 4 months. :)


Papa G said...

She needs to start babbeling papa~

ANDI bet she says Noles before she says Canes!

She's just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How cute, I can't belive she's 7 Mos. already, Time is flying. It's so nice to watch her growing. Thanks for all the photos and videos.
Love you
Grandma xoxoxoxo

Daddy AKA Canes Fan said...

Them are fightin' words Papa G!

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