She gets an "A" for effort...

Remember when you had to do pull-ups during gym class in school? (I don't really know many people who still do them...except for Ron, on occassion.) Well, remember how you would kick your legs while trying to pull yourself up? As if kicking your legs would somehow help you get your chin above that bar? Here is Kaitlyn trying to apply that same theory to crawling. She so wants to move!


Sofia Miranda said...

This video is so cute, she's really trying hard to crawl. Any day now she'll get the hang of it & I'm sure her face will light up when she does. Btw, I love the red polka dots. xoxo

Anonymous said...

She's determined....any day now she will be all over the place! Great video ;) Julie

Anonymous said...

Oh my, she is so funny, I love her Bronx cheers, you won't be able to keep up with her when she gets going.
Love you xoxoxoxoxo

Nana T said...

You can't say she isn't determined!! All that grunting and spitting will pay off soon. Keep trying, Kaitlyn!!! I think she's just waiting until she gets to Miami to show her Nanas and P
Papas!!!! :)

Love U!!!

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