Trying out the "big" tub

Two nights ago we decided to give Kaitlyn her bath in the regular bathtub for the first time. (The faucet in the tub seems to have cleared up, so the water no longer comes out orange-ish/brown.) We were very excited for her to experience bath time in the "big" tub because we thought it would be so much more fun for her. Boy, were we wrong!

She was very happy as we got her ready to go in:

But when it was time, she wasn't liking it:

...which, led to this:

and Daddy loved it! We ended up giving her a bath on the kitchen counter in her blue tub like we normally do.

Tonight, we decided to use the blue tub, but put it in the big tub so she could get used to the bathroom. She had no problem.even letting Daddy style her hair. :)

Next time, we're going to start her off in the blue tub (within the big tub), then take away the blue tub and see how she does. I told her she's missing out on all the fun that comes a long with a big tub, so I think she'll come around soon.


Papa G said...

She'll get used to it quickly I'm sure,especially when you add bubbles!

She's so cute!!!

Momma Such said...

Oh how cute! I love the pic of her with her hair all styled...he he! She has beautiful eyes! :)

Grandma said...

She's so cute, She'll get to like it, right now it's just to big for her.
Love you all
Grandma xoxoxoxox

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