Guess Who's Crawling?

Kaitlyn is officially mobile! On her 8 month post (just 4 days ago), I reported that she was moving...not yet crawling, but getting around. Well as of yesterday, she is officially a crawling little girl! She's got it mastered and boy is she keeping Mommy busy! Here's video of her in action:


Anonymous said...

OMG She is so adorable, she wanted us to see it all, the crawl, the wave and clapping, next she will be walking. God Bless her.
Love Ya allxoxox

Grandma said...

She looks so cute with the pumpkins, Of course I always think she looks cute.
Love to all
Grandma xoxoxo

Nana G said...

Look out world "Here Comes Kaitlyn"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten! She is so adorable! We can't wait to meet her.
Love, Nick, Trish, Brandon and Ashley

Angie said...

Super Cute! Adolfo and I have smiles on our faces!

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