New Look, New Name

As you may have noticed (unless you are reading this in Google Reader or email), the blog has changed. I have recently decided to purchase a domain name for the blog and unfortunately, Happily Ever After was not available. Besides, although we are living happily ever after, the title just didn't fit anymore. We are no longer the newlyweds who just moved out of the U.S. to start their lives together. We are now a family of three...living happiily ever after. :)
You can now access the blog by going to http://www.inourownworld.com/.  For now the old address will still work, as well.  I hope to make some more updates and changes soon. 

And because a post is no good without pictures, here are a couple of Kaitlyn taken in the last few days.  (I'm not sure why the quality is so poor.)

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