Why I Love Fall

I'm so excited that Fall has actually arrived. Although, I've never actually experienced a leaves-changing-color, sudden-cool-crisp-in-the-air, bust-out-the-sweaters kind of fall, I still love it! The day after we arrived back in Quito, I got out the fall decorations. We don't have much, but I love the warmth they bring to the apartment.
Our table in our entryway.I absolutely love this wonderful smelling pumpkin spice candle.A "harvesty" centerpiece on the dining room table.Mr. & Mrs. Jack-O-Lantern on our coffee table.And this cute flickering votive holder on the shelf.

Other reasons why I love fall:

  • Football season. I know, the Noles haven't exactly been the stellar team I always remember them being this season, but I still love them. Football season in general is just fun! I so wish we could be enjoy tailgating and game-watching parties in Miami.

  • Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. YUM! I love these. Luckily, when we were home I was able to indulge in my Starbucks addiction and the Pumpkin Spice line was already out, so I enjoyed one or two of these. Over the past few years I've learned to enjoy all things pumpkin.

  • Fall TV. My favorite shows are back and Ron and I will once again have a full DVR every night! A new show we are loving: Modern Family on ABC. It is pure hilarity!

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Anonymous said...

She looks so sweet with the pumpkins, Of course I think she always looks sweet.
Love Grandma xoxoxo

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