Food, Wine & Friends

Last night, Ron and I attended our 3rd Cuerpo Consular Food & Wine Festival.  It is an annual event where all of the embassies here in Quito have a booth and serve typical food from their country.  It's basically the Epcot of food festivals (and A LOT cheaper than the actual Epcot Food & Wine Festival).  It's all you can eat and drink and it is AMAZING!  Here are the only two pictures we took this year:

But here are some taken from the last 2 years.  This was the first year where we worked at our booth.
The 2nd year we decided it was worth the $35 per ticket to just enjoy ourselves and not have to work the booth (dressed like cowboys).  I was obviously quite pregnant.  After last night's event, I realized I ate way more last year and was much more comfortable in my dresss, as well. :)

Sadly, this will be the last one we attend in Quito.  Hopefully, they'll do something similar at our next post!

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