Gifts from Nana

I found a cute Christmas ornament online from Kirkland's, but it could only be purchased in-store, so I asked my mom to pick it up for me. We received it today:

She also send some cute things for Kaitlyn...pajamas, holiday tights, a winter hat and some mittens. It's been quite warm here lately, so Kaitlyn was lounging around the house in a very summery onesie, but I had to try the hat and mittens on right away. That resulted in the following silly photos.

Thanks Nana! xoxo


Papa G said...

Too precious!! Hope you get some cooler weather ;-)

Mom T said...

She looks so cute. Good job, Nana! At least you know she'll wear them when it does get cold. Love the ornament!


Nana G said...

What a Cutie Pie. I'm surprised that the hat and mittens are so big. They looked so tiny when I bought them. Give her a kiss fro me. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sofia Miranda said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! I love the ornament & her facial expressions in the pictures. :o)

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