Kaitlyn Meets Santa!

The local American International School held their annual holiday bazaar today.  There have been a lot of holiday bazaars here in the past couple of weeks, but I was excited for this one because Santa and Mrs. Claus were going to be there!  I couldn't wait to get Kaitlyn's first picture with Santa.  Although, as most of you know, Kaitlyn does not do well with strangers, so I wasn't expecting a warm and fuzzy introduction. 

Ron held Kaitlyn as he walked up to Santa and as he got closer, Kaitlyn's grip on his shirt got tighter.  We didn't have lots of time to warm her up to him because of the line, so we had to be quick about it.  Kaitlyn immediately showed her dislike for the jolly old man and I got exactly the type of picture I expected for her first photo with Santa...tear-filled.  I took the photo below on my own camera.

Here's a close up of her adorably miserable face.  Poor thing.  If she only knew that he's the one that will be bringing her lots of loot over the years, maybe she would have been less offending.

As soon as Ron picked her up she stopped crying and was fine looking at them from a distance in the safety of Daddy's arms.  They suggested we get in the picture with her so we could get a good one of her smiling.  Once we squatted down close to them, she knew that evil bearded man was lurking behind her and she wasn't happy with that either.  They ended up printing the family photo. 

Once we were done with that Santa guy, Kaitlyn was fine.  We did some walking around while waiting for the photo to be printed.

Daddy's teaching Kaitlyn how to hold a bat...not for a future softball career, but to help beat off the boys.


Mom T said...

She looks adorable!!! No more Santa until she's older. We want to see that beautiful smile.

Love U all!

Papa G said...

Love all the pictures - too awesome for words...

Mama G said...

I think that is a typical first time meeting Santa picture.:-)

Sofia Miranda said...

Ahh poor baby, but it's normal. I avoided Santa when Brandon was younger. He gets excited now when he sees him. I'm glad she was back to her happy self after the picture. I love the dress!

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