Loving Appliques!

After seeing some very cute appliqued children's clothing for sale on Etsy, I thought it looked like something I might be able to do myself.  I started practicing on some old t-shirts and soon started to buy some cute fabric to work with.  After seeing Thanksgiving shirts like these: Turkey 1, Turkey 2, Turkey 3, I decided that would be my first project.  I showed the idea to Liane and she loved them, too so I decided to make one for Kyle, as well.  This was my first one for Kyle:

I ironed on the fabric then stitched the edges with coordinating thread.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I mailed it.  He had eyes and a beak.  Next, I did Kaitlyn's.  I decided to use the same fabric for all the feathers because I didn't have 3 types of fabric that went well together.

They are FAR from perfect, but I was happy with them considering it was my first attempt.  It takes some practice to maneauver the fabric to get an even stitch and as you can see, I've still got some practicing to do.  Once I finished my turkeys, I still had plenty of pink thread in the machine so I decided to do one more quick one.  Here's Kaitlyn modeling it:

This is one of my favorite fabrics that I have and the same one I used to make my camera strap.

I have some Christmas fabrics on their way and I can't wait to try some new designs!


Mom T said...

The shirts are wonderful!!!! You did a great job. Being a mom certainly brings out your creative talent! I'm so proud of you.


Sofia Miranda said...

I love them, you are so talented! My favorite is the K, I love that pattern!

Mama G said...

Good job! They are so cute. Glad to see that you are putting my sewing machine to good use. :-)

Love Ya! oxoxxoxoxxo

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