Perfect Family Sunday

Kaitlyn wore a new dress to church on Sunday given to her by our friends Renee and Fernando.  I didn't think it would fit (it's 12 mo.), but Ron really wanted her to wear a cute dress. It was a little big, but she wore it well.

After church, we stopped at the grocery store to get some shopping done.  It amazed both Ron and I how big Kaitlyn looked sitting in the shopping cart.  Ron took the picture below with his camera phone.  :)

Later in the day we went to the park so Kaitlyn could crawl around in the grass.

Since our apartment is not far from the airport, we hear a lot of planes flying over.  Kaitlyn will usually stop what she's doing to try to see the plane.  She had a great view of them at the park.

This is kind of what she thought of the grass at first.

But she got used to it and had a nice time playing outside.


Sofia Miranda said...

She becomes more beautiful everyday! xoxo Love u mucho!

Papa G said...

She's just more adorable with every picture and video!


Mom T said...

What a cutie pie she is!!!! So glad you guys get your family time and enjoy every minute of it.

Miss you all!

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