Super Happy Little Girl

I had to post this picture of Kaitlyn because her cute shirt describes her to the T. :)

And here she is amongst one of those magazine pile messes described in the previous post.  Those magazines usually sit in a nice, neat stack on the bottom shelf of the table you see in the picture.
Could we move them so they'd be out of her reach? Sure!  But getting to those magazines and destroying that nice, neat stack is one of the reasons she's a Super Happy Little Girl. :)


Anonymous said...

Her eyes look amazing in this picture. Daddy is going to have to keep a close eye on his little girl...all the boys are going to fall in love with her!

Mama G said...

Awww! So cute and so Big! xoxoxo

Mama G said...

With that smirk on her face, she looks just like Ronnie. :-) xoxo

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