Thanksgiving Day 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  Of course, it's always sad being so far away from family, but we spent the day with some great friends.  We all contributed to the delicious meal and we had a fabulous time. 

The table before the guests arrived:

Kaitlyn playing with Brandon:

Kaitlyn licking her lips in anticipation of the food.

Happy 1st Thanksgiving, baby girl!

The youngest guest, Jayden with his Dad.

All of the Dads watching football with their kids.

Kaitlyn flirting with Noah.

Such a cute family...Renee, Fernando and Jayden.

The girls taking a break from the kitchen.

The delicious spread.

Ron carving the bird.

Kaitlyn enjoying some yummy turkey.

We hope everyone had a great day!


Mom T said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Beautiful table setting, Shell! So glad you have good friends to share the holidays with. The babies are adorable, but of course, Kaitlyn is the cutest one :). We missed you all!!!!!


Angie said...

Great pictures Michelle! Everything looked delish!!!!

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