Kaitlyn Exploring Her Room

Now that Kaitlyn is more mobile than ever, she's realized there's so much more for her to discover.  There are drawers and cabinets all around the apartment that are just begging to be opened!  Here's a video of her usual routine when exploring her room.

What she didn't demonstrate in the video is how she usually empties the drawers before she leaves the room.  She's having so much fun!


Mama G said...

Oh My Gosh, She is so adorable. I'm sure she's keeping you both on your toes. Can't wait tos spend some time with her. xooxoxox

Anonymous said...

She's just to cute, and so proud of herself. Can't wait till Feb.
Love you all. xoxoxoxoxo

Papa G said...

Watch your head! Watch your fingers!! Just precious.


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