Kaitlyn is 11 months old!

At 11 months old, Kaitlyn:
  • can easily walk while pushing a toy on wheels.  She loves to walk around the house with these toys.
  • now has 2 teeth.
  • loves to dance!
  • has started to stand up on her own without holding on to anything.
  • is still wearing sizes 9 and 12 months clothes.
  • has attempted to take a couple of "baby steps", but not quite the big first step yet.
  • has given up on baby food.  She's more interested in eating grown up food.
  • is climbing on whatever she can.  We realized this the day we left her playing in her play room and walked back in to find her sitting on the futon.
  • continues to get cuter every day. ;)


Papa G said...

Cuter every day, no doubt.


Mom T said...

She's a precious beauty for sure!!!!! But look who her parents are!

Happy 11 mos. Kaitylyn!


Anonymous said...
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