Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Remember last year, when Kaitlyn was just over a month old and wore this adorable dress for St. Patrick's Day?
Unfortunately, I didn't have an outfit for this year, but I thought, "Hmmm, maybe the dress would fit her as shirt!"  When I got the dress out and saw that it was size 'newborn' (I forgot she ever wore clothes that small) I figured it wasn't going to work.  Well, lucky for us, she's a petite girl and got a 2nd wear out of it! :)

Isn't it crazy to see her wear something from a year ago?  It really shows how much she's grown.

We went to the embassy for lunch and everyone thought she was such a cutie (as usual). When Ron got home from work he enjoyed a nice cold beer and dyed it green, of course.

Kaitlyn thought it was really cool and wanted a taste for herself.  Don't worry she didn't actually get any.

I made shepherd's pie and a cabbage & potato bake for dinner to finish off the Irish themed day.  It was yummy!  Hope everyone had a great day!

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