Kaitlyn's First Haircut

While Daddy is in Washington, D.C. this week, Kaitlyn, Nana G and I spent some girly time together.  We went to lunch, did some shopping and Kaitlyn got her "hair did" for the first time. :)  I know her hair wasn't very long to begin with, but she had some strands that were a bit out of control and would hang down past her nose.  I figured it was time for a quick maintenance trim.

Surprisingly, she did SO well!  She hopped right into the chair and immediately let the hairdresser get to work.  Paying the extra money to take her to the "kiddie" salon helped.  She watched some tv, played with toys and was completely distracted by her surroundings. 
She seems pretty bummed in these pictures, but she really was just fine.
I totally expected her to freak out when she started on her bangs, but she wasn't bothered by it at all.
Silly girl!
She looks like such a boy here!
The barrette helps, but I'm not digging the "style" the hairdresser gave her. 
I'm so proud of her!

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